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27 October 2008 @ 12:16 am
So, I realize the last time I posted was months ago, and I was dealing delusions of grandeur to you guys. Well, I don't want to keep making empty promises, but I'd really love for this community to work out! I have confidence that once we get the ball rolling, we could be really successful. Now, I know I should have posted more after my oh-so inspiring speech back in June, and I wont go spouting my excuses, but this all depends on you, too! I am always more enthusiastic when encouraged by others. So.. Encourage me! Let's see some notes!

We'll start small this time. I'll start up another weekly theme. So far, we'll just start with that, no polls at the end or anything. If this doesn't work, I'll try a monthly theme! We'll build from there with the success it receives.

Due to the wonderful spooky holiday coming up,
This Week's Theme is: Halloween!

I want to see some notes that are ghastly and/or ghoulish, but still be uplifting! I can't wait to see what you come up with. If you don't have time to take pictures and upload them, please tell us what they are and where you (plan to) put them! Don't forget to add our url (http://community.livejournal.com/foundanote) somewhere on the note so we can share the love.

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!
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10 July 2008 @ 03:04 pm
Hi, I'm new. :D

I just left about six notes where I live (Kouvola, Finland). I got a few left, I'll leave them somewhere today. Some of the notes are in finninsh, some of them are in english. I hope people find them and even more finnish people will join. ^^
I'm not able to post any photos of the notes, sorry. :(
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30 June 2008 @ 04:08 pm
Hi everyone! This is weird, because a few months ago, I decided that I really wanted to leave lots of notes around the place to brighten up people's days or make them think about things. I discussed it on one of my forums, and one of the guys liked the idea so much, he made a forum for it specifically. We're going to leave the url on as many of the notes as possible, to encourage people to come in to say they found it. I know that means it's not entirely anonymous, but I won't be putting it on *all* of my notes. I didn't realise there was a LJ comm for it already. :)
Since he made the forum, which he made the same week I told them of my note leaving plans, I've probably left around 20 notes around the place, mainly on post its, but a few on free postcards. No one has yet come in to say they've found them. Which is a little disappointing.
I don't want to take custom away from this comm, but if anyone's interested in the url (so that they can keep their note leaving more anonymous perhaps, because you can create a different username, rather than your LJ one, if you want people to come in and say they've found one...) just ask.
29 June 2008 @ 09:00 pm
Hello, all!

As suggested by your fellow member, merielrose and seconded by embracethespork, I will now be posting a theme each week. For instance-
This Week's Theme is: Stars!

So far the only things we've got set in stone about the Weekly Theme is the following:

The notes you post this week are not at all restricted by this week's theme! You may continue to post whatever you want, and may even choose not to participate in the theme at all. But if you do have a note relating to the theme, please say so in your subject line when you post it.

You can do anything at all relating to the theme. For instance, this week you can write a note and draw stars all over it. OR you may write something like, "You are a star!" I know you guys have lots of awesome ideas, so go crazy! You may also post as many Weekly Theme notes as you want. :)

At the end of the week, I would love to post all the notes pertaining to the Weekly Theme in one mod post, and perhaps do something with them. Maybe we could have a vote of the best note, or the most creative, or the cutest, or all of the above! Of course, the prize would only be recognition and self-satisfaction, but who needs more than that? :P I'd probably have them "due" by Thursday(will work out times and all that), so that I could post them for votes on Friday morning and post "winners" on Sunday morning. If this sounds like a good idea, let me know. Otherwise, we can just leave the Weekly Theme as is and have no polls at the end.

So what I would like from you guys is the following:
-Any thoughts and suggestions about the Weekly Theme.
-What you think about votes & voting categories, opinions about how to go about them, if they should be done at all.
-Your notes! If you have any ideas about Stars, write a note and let us see it!
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28 June 2008 @ 08:45 am
Hey! *waves* I'm new here, and I can't wait to get started leaving notes. Yesterday morning, I was getting gas and I noticed that someone had taken one of the neon "Please Prepay First" signs off the pump, turned it around, wrote "Jesus loves you!" on the back, and taped it back up. I know not everyone will be sending that sort of sentiment, but it reminded me of this community and now I have an idea of where to leave a little note.

Anyway, my name is Stephanie, I'm 24, I'm from South Carolina, and while I'm not that creative, I'm going to try to make some cute little notes and I'm looking forward to seeing what everybody else is doing :)
28 June 2008 @ 03:05 am
After discovering that you can't back-date entries in a community, I decided that there needed to be a bit of a change in the layout of See A Note's page. The same general concept has been kept, but with a header image and text, and a few different styles and colors. The profile and userpic have also been updated to reflect the new layout.

And, the only reason I'm letting you guys know is because, even though it doesn't look like a huge difference, it look a long time to figure out. Therefore, I wanted to ask everyone to check it out, so my efforts feel a little justified.

Anyway, I've noticed we've been gaining some new members. Welcome, guys, and don't be afraid to introduce yourselves! This also goes for all you lurkers- You know who you are! :]

I know you guys've been cooking up some notes since the rekindling of See A Note, and I can't wait to see them! xB

Have a great weekend, all.
Hello, again! Just to get everyone in the Note-Makin' mood, I decided to take us back a bit and re-post some pictures of excellent notes from the past. But first, I wanted to share a little story of my own.

This is a picture of an entry in my journal. It says:
6-2-08 2:04am
We (being me, Geoff, & Aimee) are at Lauren Baker's house. We just got back from Dunsmore Elementary. We hopped the fence and spent like 45 minutes making little signs on these pieces of paper. Some were encouraging, some were quotes, and some we just plain RANDOM! This is one of the cards we made. Aimee did it! I <3 her writing. We were able to put most of them around the school, taping them to plants, poles, cement, etc. We were finishing up, with maybe 5 left, when we heard someone else moving around near the cafeteria. We ignored it at first, but then we definitely heard some activity from inside the campus, and booked it out of there. It was very exciting, actually.

As noted, we did that on June 2nd. It was lots of fun, and I feel joy in knowing that the administration was probably trying to collect all the notes before the students did, and what a ruckus and excitement it must've caused! What a blast.

Anyway, on to the notes!

Open Me!Collapse )

I hope you enjoyed these older notes, and I look forward to seeing some new ones in the future!

Also! I am warning you now that either later today or tomorrow I'll be posting an entry that will be an informative post detailing anything you ever wanted to know about See A Note! The entry will be backdated, so that when you visit See A Note, it will always appear on the top (don't worry - this does not apply to your friends' page!). This way, prospective new members will be able to learn all about See A Note right as they open the page!

Have a peachy day, everyone. :]
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25 June 2008 @ 11:25 pm
We understand that you've all been feeling neglected and abandoned recently, and you have reason to believe so.

However, our moderator and my good friend redwiltingroses has decided to try and rekindle the flame of See A Note. She and I have been talking, and we've made a few changes to the community.

First of all, I have been made a second moderator and maintainer, so that there will be double the coverage of the community.

Second, you will now post the pictures of notes directly to the community journal, as well as all your stories and comments related to See A Note!

Lastly, you may post anything without it having to be approved by a moderator. However! We have also updated the info page and added rules for posting, so that we may have a little order in the comm. They're just guidelines, and of course aren't too strict or anything, but we do recommend that you give them a look. :]

This was all inspired by our lovely mates over at ljsecret. Someone (obviously a member of our community) had a secret of theirs posted today about See A Note (#12), which really touched redwiltingroses and myself. We actually got together and made a pact to try and get this back up and running. Thank you to the anonymous poster of the secret. We've been talking lazily about this for some time, but this gave us exactly what we needed to get us back here with some real dedication.

We encourage you all to share your comments and suggestions as a comment to this post!
We will take each suggestion into consideration, and will be coming up with a few of our own to ask you what you think!
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06 April 2008 @ 11:55 pm
It has been too long since I have posted here.

My darling boyfriend recently came back to visit from the Navy
it was an amazing two weeks
but now that he is gone again I've found that I have become lonely and moody
ESP. hanging out with my friends who are couples.

Thankfully I have my note cards to make me happy. I love making designs for them and leaving them for people to find. Everyone I make makes me a little happier and I can only hope it makes the person who found it happy as well.

Yay for notes :D
06 April 2008 @ 10:38 pm
This was posted in a community I'm a member of and I thought it was ridiculous. I would really appreciate if my friends read this and passed it on to other's in this or any area, because no one should be treated like this.


Also I will be cross posting this hope you don't have to see it too many times.